Personal Journal from a merchant who frequents the Alaskan Highway

>I know everyone talks about how brutal and scary the Alaskan Highlanders are to raiders in the Grey

>but when they find raiders outside the area where the air and ground are choked full of ash they go fucking apeshit on them

>I was doing a run a few months ago up to Whitehorse, standard stuff

>Suddenly I hear this sound like the chopping of air coming in from the Northwest

> I gaze up to see multiple helicopters flying low over the treeline like they're chasing something

>Fucking helicopters man, I thought I'd never see any again because of the ash

> From the treeline about a mile up the road, a half dozen men run out of the tree's like there was a grizzly bear after them

>One of the helos swings around and fires on them, turning the group of running men into mush. Then flys onwards

> Seems a group of hotshots thought the foot patrols would be more lax the farther from the Grey they got

> Now they know why foot patrols are less frequent up here where there's no ash

> These Alaskans are quite fucking insane when it comes to keeping this road clear, but i appreciate it

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